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Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay has been providing residential and commercial fencing and installation services to the Tampa, Florida area since 2017.

Choosing Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay for your next fence is great choice. We are a local company with a proven track record of satisfied customers and outstanding customer reviews.

We provide installation of Aluminum fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences and wood fences for both residential and commercial properties. To learn about our custom built fences, Contact Us today!

Yes! Give us a call at (813) 817-0392. Or, if you prefer, send us an email and we will send our fence expert out to your property to evaluate your project and provide you with a detailed estimate.

Our Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay office is located in Tampa, Florida. We also serve several neighboring towns listed here:

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Aluminum fences are a great option for Tampa, Florida homes and businesses. An aluminum fence enhances any home's or business' appearance with its elegant look. Due to several sizes and upgrade options, our customers can design a fence that is unique and enhances their property according to their individual style.

Aluminum fences won't fade or rust or rot and they require little to no maintenance.

Our aluminum fences are pre-treated and powder-coated. For our aluminum fences, we rely on the inner strength of aluminum alloys to provide the strength and durability our discerning customers deserve.

Yes, our aluminum fences and gates come with a lifetime warranty. You can review it here.

Aluminum fences require very little maintenance. Simply spray your aluminum fence with water using your garden hose. This helps to keep it free from fertilizer chemicals, dirt, and grass clippings. This will keep it looking as good as new. In coastal areas, frequent spraying of your aluminum fence panels with water is advised to reduce the buildup of dirt and salt.

All posts, panels and gates used to create our aluminum fences and gates are manufactured locally by Antebellum Manufacturing.

Elite Fence and Outdoor Fence faqs

Antebellum Manufacturing's facility is family-owned and locally operated in Ocala, Florida. All of their aluminum fence products are high quality and American made.

You won't need a building permit in Tampa, Florida for aluminum fences less than 6 foot tall. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything, at no extra charge.


Chain link fences are very popular and Tampa, Florida is no different.

Because of its versatility and low cost, chain link fencing can be used in just about any situation.

Chain link fencing is totally applicable for providing protection for pools in theTampa, Florida area.

Although galvanized chain link fencing is the most popular, you can enhance the look and style of chain link fencing with black coated vinyl.

Although prices can fluctuate, chain link fencing generally tends to be the most affordable fencing materials.

For chain link fences under 6 foot tall in Tampa, Florida, you won't need a building permit. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything, at no extra charge.


Many HOA communities in the Tampa, Florida area will only allow vinyl fencing in their community. Therefore, we have taken great care to offer our customers the Homeland Vinyl Products brand. Homeland's superior vinyl products are manufactured in the USA and allow us to remain committed to the highest standards of quality for our customers.

We're proud that Homeland brand vinyl warranty is considered among the very best in the industry. Homeland Vinyl Products engineers create products that are durable, long-lasting, and designed to hold up to life. To help protect your investment, they offer the most comprehensive, lifetime workmanship warranties (30-year warranty for commercial use) in the business. In short, they stand behind every product, every day.

Our vinyl posts are set 36 inches deep as suggested by the ASTM standards, and we use 60 lbs. of concrete per post.

All of our posts are set 36 inches deep, and we use an additional 90 lbs. of concrete per gate post. We also use an aluminum insert in all our vinyl gate posts to make them even stronger. For vinyl gate applications, we use stainless steel self-closing hinges with double-sided latches.

Our 6x8 sections are reinforced with a non-visible metal insert for each bottom rail for additional stability.

Most of the vinyl fences we install are 6 ft. tall privacy fences with tongue and groove pickets in either white or tan. Please contact us to hear about other styles and colors that are available.


Wood fences are a good option for fencing in the Tampa, Florida area.

Wood fences are long-lasting, sustainable and beautiful. It's hard to beat the beauty of a well crafted wood fence.

We use ground contact pressure treated pine for all our wood fences. Pressure treated wood is processed using high pressure to force a solution of water and preservative agents deep into the lumber to help extend its lifespan.

Ground contact pressure treated exterior wood is protected with Micronized Copper Azole (MCA-C) with BARamine provides lasting support and protection for all-purpose applications. In addition to slowing decay, these compounds have properties that make them resistant to termites, fungus, moisture and other elements that contribute to rot and damage to the wood. This process enables pressure treated fence posts to withstand years of being embedded in soil.

No, we prefer not to cut the posts to height, but rather to dig the holes to the appropriate height. This preserves the integrity of the pressure treated exterior of the wood.

Our posts are set 24 inches deep, and we use 60 lbs. of concrete per post.

For wood fences under 6 foot tall, you won't need a building permit in Tampa, Florida. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything, with no additional charges.


Yes, we will happily come out to your property and provide you with a free estimate. If you're not sure where you should put your new fence, we can help with the design process. We will also provide you with our fence brochures.

We will remove most rocks we encounter. If there are very large rocks, we will simply bolt a metal post into the rock itself. If there are several large rocks, there could be extra charges.

We would charge for the extra materials, with no additional installation costs.

Yes! Contact us to discuss all of our installation procedures.

For fences less than 6 foot tall in Tampa, Florida, you won't need a building permit. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything, without any additional fees.

Yes. We will call to comfirm the date for the fence installation the week prior to the scheduled installation date.

We will call ahead to make sure the customer will be home when we arrive. If they are unable to be home, we ask that they provide us with their phone number, in case we need to reach them. We prefer the homeowner to be home during the installation, but if they are unable to be there, we will proceed with the fence installation.

The foreman will introduce himself to the customer. Before beginning the installation process, the forman will stake out the property and get the customer's approval. He will also discuss the customer's desired direction for the gate swing. When the installation is complete, we will ask the customer to do final walkthrough, then collect any remaining balance.

We usually leave this to the customer to handle. If the customer prefers that we take care of these items, we are happy to provide that additional service, for an additional charge.

We complete most fence projects in one day. For very large fencing projects that cannot be completed in one day, we will return the next day to complete the project.

We call ahead to call-before-you-dig so that we know where all the underground utilities are before installing our fences. In the rare case that an underground utility is broken during the installation process, we fix any line we break - at no additional charge to our customer.

We take a very high level of care to make the job site look good once the installation is complete. If we encounter super dense clay, we will haul it away.

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