You’re considering buying a wood fence for your Tampa, FL property — what now? Now it’s time to get down to the details to make your final decision based on your needs and what is appropriate and best for your specific situation. Wood fencing may be the perfect choice, but before you know for sure, there are a few advantages and disadvantages that come with wood fencing in the Tampa, Florida region to become familiar with.


Even though wood fences are an incredibly popular type of fence in Tampa, Florida, it may not mean it’s the greatest option for you because every circumstance is unique. To help you with this decision, here are some expert fencing tips to consider.


Wood Fences and The Tampa, Florida Climate

Unlike other fencing materials, wood fences will ultimately warp, break or rot and need to be replaced. During their lifetime, however, wood fences do weather the rough Tampa, Florida climate quite nicely. When it comes to wood fences, sometimes just a little protective maintenance goes a long way to keep your wood fence looking great and working well for a very long time.


Cost also becomes a factor when deciding on your fencing needs. For the most part, wood wins the game in this category and won’t cost as much as aluminum or vinyl. Many Tampa, Florida home and business owners decide that wood is the right choice to beautify and secure their property.  


Are Wood Fences Strong?

Wood fences are very strong based on a few factors, like…


  1. Proper Installation of The Wood Fence Posts
    There is a direct connection between the strength of the installed fence posts and the whole strength of the fence. That’s why it’s critical if you want the job done right to hire a trusted fencing contractor in Tampa, Florida like Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay. We have the experience and the satisfied customers to prove it! 
  2. Using High-Quality Wood Fencing Material
    The next important component for a strong fence is the wood quality. Many low-budget fence companies use lower-quality wood, which is less dense or has many imperfections. When you sacrifice the quality of wood of your fence, you lose its ability to stand up to the Tampa, Florida climate well and it simply will not last as long.
  3. Properly Fastened Wood Fence Boards
    It all comes back to quality — fence pickets and rails should be fastened using the right exterior-grade hardware to do the job properly. Lower budget companies may do a job for a cheaper price, but they are also using inferior fasteners to save a few bucks and it will cost you in the end.


So, are wood fences strong? They certainly are…when the factors are right. Wooden fences can stand up to the Tampa area weather when you hire a reliable fencing company who uses good quality materials for a job done well. If you hire Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay as your local fence contractor, we can say a resounding “Yes!” Otherwise, your guess is as good as ours…who knows?


What are the Most Popular Styles of Wood Fences in Tampa, Florida?

All kinds of wood fences can be customized to your particular style and cut design. Tried and true styles for many properties in and around the Tampa region are: 


Wood Picket Fence in Tampa Bay
Wood Picket Fence in Tampa Bay, Florida

Wood Picket Fences

For front yards, gardens and pool enclosures, wood picket fences are a popular choice in Tampa, Florida. Always remember, when enclosing a pool yard with a wood picket fence or any fence for that matter, check with our experts beforehand so we can help you determine if it will meet your local municipal property codes.


Post and Rail Wood Fence
Post and Rail Wood Fence in Tampa Bay, Florida

Post and Rail Wood Fences

In most circumstances in Tampa, Florida, post and rail fences are an inexpensive solution. While commonly used for farms and livestock, they also are a great way to draw a clear boundary line between many kinds of properties.


Shadowbox wood fence in Tampa Bay Florida
Shadowbox wood fence in Tampa Bay, Florida

Shadowbox Wood Fences

A personal favorite of ours for a number of property fencing situations in Tampa, Florida is the shadowbox style of wood fencing. This versatile fence design provides full privacy while still creating an elegant look whichever side of the fence you may be on.


Wood privacy fence in Tampa Bay, Florida
Wood privacy fence in Tampa Bay, Florida

Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

A typical wood privacy fence has three visible horizontal rails on the interior of the yard, while the side facing outward is more decorative. This is the traditional wood fence you’ll find on almost every street in and around Tampa, Florida and all the surrounding regions.


Learn More About Wood Fences in Tampa, Florida 

For more information including photographs of our fences installed in and around Tampa, please visit our  Wood Fence page on our website and take a look for yourself at our quality workmanship.

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