You’re always thinking of ways to improve the appearance of your Florida home: a new shrub here, a fresh coat of paint there. You also often consider how to keep your loved ones and pets protected and secure while providing them with a safe environment. A decorative aluminum fence can cover all of these bases and more!

If you’re thinking about installing an aluminum fence and want to make sure it’s the best option for your property, this article is for you! We can confidently tell you that aluminum fencing is one of the most durable and elegant options available!

Elegance and Curb Appeal for your FL Home

Aluminum fencing is arguably the most appealing option for your home, and it easily adds an elegant and prestigious look that will increase the curb appeal of your home. Aluminum fences are available in a variety of styles suitable for all types of architecture, from traditional to contemporary, and a reputable Tampa, FL fence company like Elite Fence and Outdoor can assist you in selecting the best style to complement your home. 


A recent study from The University of Texas at Arlington discovered that curb appeal in residential housing can account for up to 7% of a home’s value when sold!

Safety and Security With an Aluminum Fence in Tampa Bay

Properly installed fences are meant to be safe and secure, but aluminum offers the advantage of being strong, durable, and quite effective at providing safety for you and your loved ones. This is especially true around areas such as the pool to keep the little ones away if you turn your attention away for a minute. It will also provide a barrier to keep your furry pals from wandering off and getting into trouble. 


A strong aluminum fence also offers a barrier that may discourage intruders from entering your yard. Aluminum fencing isn’t easy to climb and given that most criminals prefer the path of least resistance, a strong aluminum fence may provide a deterrent needed to keep them away. 

Strength and Durability in a Tampa Bay Aluminum Fence

A Tampa, Florida aluminum fence is very resilient and sturdy which is why many of our customers select aluminum fencing for their residential and commercial properties. A high-quality aluminum fence from Elite Fence and Outdoor stands up to harsh weather like heavy rain and intense sun exposure. Our aluminum fences won’t fade, rust, or rot and they require (essentially) no maintenance. If you want a beautiful fence without having to spend a lot of time and money maintaining it, this is the option for you!

Extra Time for the Important Things in Life

Many of our customers appreciate aluminum fencing for their Tampa Bay area residential properties for its attractive appearance but did you also know that it’s low maintenance too? That means that you will have more time to do the things you love instead of cleaning or repairing a fence! Aluminum fences require very little maintenance other than a spray with a hose to remove loose dirt and debris from time to time. Of all the benefits of aluminum fencing, its minimal maintenance is definitely a huge bonus!

Reasonably Priced, High-Quality Aluminum Fencing

When it comes to the superior quality of a Tampa, Florida aluminum fence, many people assume that it will be “expensive”, but that’s not the case! You won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your aluminum fence or the expertise of your installers in order to have a fence purchase fit into your budget.

The return on investment you’ll get with a quality aluminum fence from Elite Fence and Outdoor is worth the many benefits you’ll get for your property. Aluminum fencing looks similar to wrought iron and steel, however, because aluminum is lightweight and requires less specialized production it is a fraction of the cost of other decorative metal fences. 

Aluminum Fences Accentuate Your Florida Landscaping

You invest a lot of time and effort taking care of your lush, green lawn and tending to the beautiful shrubs and landscaping so you don’t want to hide them away behind a solid, privacy fence. An aluminum fence will allow all of your landscaping to be on show. When you have a Tampa, Florida aluminum fence installed at your home, you won’t have to hide the beautiful landscaping around your property. Our high-quality, long-lasting aluminum fencing will complement your Tampa, FL property and it is also low maintenance. Along with its classic look, aluminum fencing is the perfect finishing touch to a well-balanced property and it also provides you with safety and strong protection, too.

Confidence in Quality With Our Warranty

When you purchase an aluminum fence with Elite Fence and Outdoor, you can do so with complete confidence in your decision. Every aluminum fence you purchase with us includes a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 2-year workmanship warranty from our business for your peace of mind. 

There are very few Tampa, FL fence companies that offer a workmanship warranty but we’re confident in the expertise and dedication of our installers that if an issue arises down the road, we’ll be there to make it right. 

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