All homeowners want to make sure both their family and the valuables in their home are safe and secure. In the same way, business owners also want to secure their assets and equipment from being burglarized or damaged. By installing a quality security fence, you can rest easy knowing that you, your family, and your property are safer. 


There are many reasons why our customers in Tampa Bay choose a security fence from Elite Fence and Outdoor! We are a top-rated Tampa, Florida fence company, and in this article, we will take a closer look at the best choice of fence that will help you to better protect your home or business.

Tampa, Florida Security Fence Options

A security fence keeps your home and property safe by deterring or delaying intruders. For a residential home, a typical privacy fence will more than likely be sufficient, especially if you live in a residential area that is quiet and has a low crime rate. For commercial and industrial properties it is most beneficial for business owners to install a metal structure that both deters thieves and makes the fence not easily scalable. These fences could include additional security measures such as razor wire and spikes. Metal and chain link fences provide the benefit of unobstructed visibility and the deterrence of would-be intruders.


We know, however, that no security fence is 100% secure. Given enough time, patience, and the right tools, an intruder can bypass even the toughest fence. The idea behind a security fence is to delay the intruder for as long as possible giving the property owner time to alert the authorities and receive help.


Here are three important considerations when choosing a Tampa, Florida security fence for your property:

Does the Fence Provide any Hiding Places?

When considering security fence materials and style, you should avoid solid panel fencing that restricts the view of the other side of the fence. You need to have a clear view of anyone that might be hanging around your property. Tall, solid fences provide hiding places for intruders and should be avoided if possible.

Is the Fence Easy to Climb?

An effective security fence should be difficult to climb. Consider a security fence that is at least 54” tall. The taller the fence, the harder it will be to climb and the better your security will be. Oftentimes, communities have ordinances that include height restrictions for residential fences. If you find this to be the case in your area, then installing spikes or points on the top of the fence will discourage potential intruders from climbing them. If you want horizontal rails as part of your fence design, make sure they are facing toward the inside of your property so the space between them doesn’t allow for easy climbing.

Is the Fence Hard to Breach?

Most break-ins are not planned and are typically motivated by the ease with which the property and home can be entered and exited. If your fence is installed specifically for security purposes, it will be ineffective if an intruder can easily go over, around, or under it. A good security fence like the ones installed by a professional Tampa, Florida fence company, like Elite Fence and Outdoor should; go around the entire perimeter of your property, be long lasting, secure in the ground, and will not be easy to cut. For added protection, you should also include driveway gates to ensure that no area is left weak or exposed.


Here are a couple of recommendations for effective security fences from Elite Fence and Outdoor:

1. Aluminum Fence

For many homeowners, neighborhood associations, and commercial properties, aluminum fencing is the number one choice for security fencing. It’s tough and intruder-resistant yet has great curb appeal. 

Low Maintenance, Pest and Weather Resistant

Aluminum fences are known to have the strength of wrought iron with the benefit of being a lighter-weight fencing material. Aluminum fences are a more affordable option than ornamental iron fencing and are built to last for a lifetime. Aluminum is resistant to inclement weather, wind, and insects and it won’t rot, rust, or deteriorate. Quality aluminum fencing is manufactured with a protective powder coating, making this metal fencing virtually indestructible and very low maintenance.

2. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is quite effective at delaying entry to your property by intruders. However, a typical chain link’s diamond-shaped holes are nearly 3 inches wide, which makes it relatively easy for an intruder to gain a toe-hold and jump over the fence. You may want to consider a smaller, tighter mesh which will make it a little more difficult to climb. There is also the option of selecting a heavier thickness and style of the galvanized steel wires on the fence. The standard 9 or 11-gauge steel wire can be easily cut with a hacksaw or bolt cutters for you may want to consider a heavier gauge wire to provide enhanced security and durability. Adding barbed or electrical wire to the top of your fence will boost security and definitely discourage any would-be intruder from attempting to scale the fence.  Choosing a taller fence height is also a good option for enhancing the security of your property. 


Overall, chain link fence is a great choice for homeowners who may be on a tight budget due to its lower cost.

Chain Link is Tough and Long-Lasting

Chain link fence is made of galvanized steel and cannot be destroyed by pests or its environment. There is also the added option of a protective black PVC coating which adds to the aesthetics of your fence as well as provides further protection and longevity.

Low-Maintenance Benefits of Chain Link Fence

Other than occasionally sweeping off leaves and cobwebs, there is little that you need to do to maintain a chain link fence. Chain link does not attract dirt and debris, and it never needs to be painted or stained. These benefits alone make chain link an excellent choice for commercial applications and homeowners who are not interested in adding to their ‘to-do’ list.

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