Tampa, Florida property owners needing a fence: check it out! Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay is one of Tampa FL’s local top-rated fence companies. We’ve earned our trusted reputation with your friends and neighbors with every top-notch fence job we’ve completed — just check out our outstanding reviews!

We’d like to introduce ourselves and show you why Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay should be the company you call for your next fencing project in Tampa, FL.


Tampa FL Fence Company: Choosing Local

We know you want the benefits of working with a local Tampa, Florida fence company. One who understands the pride in our community among residents and business owners, alike. We get it!

All of us at Elite Fence love to support our other local businesses wherever possible, too, and understand just what you need in this climate and surrounding region. That’s why, being located right here, we are the perfect choice to help you with your property’s needs in and around the Tampa area. 

Fence Companies Rated Best in Tampa, Florida

It’s no surprise that you want to work with a Tampa area fence company that has top rankings, too. When you want to make an investment in your property, you deserve to have the best in the business!  After all, for the best outcome and product, you’ll want the best-quality fence you can afford and what better way to do that than to have it installed by experts in the fencing industry.  Here are just a few of the most important reasons why working with a top-rated fence company matters:


  • Reliable Fence Company Contractor
    Too many times we hear from Tampa residents who hired low-bid fence companies and then found out why their prices were so low — either their installation work was poor, materials were low quality or in the worst cases, the contractor disappeared after taking their money. Knowing the company you hire is reliable and professional is rule number one!
  • Using Quality Fencing Materials
    The materials used for a fence job in Tampa, Florida make a big difference. At Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay, we value our reputation and stand behind our work, using high-quality fencing materials. When we finish with your fence job, you’ll find our fences don’t warp, twist, bow, sag, or experience any of the problems that poorly installed fences that use low-quality fencing materials experience.
  • Support from Your Fence Company
    If the need ever arises, you want to be able to contact your fence contractor for help in the future. For all our jobs in and around Tampa, we are here for you! Just give a call to the fence expert who helped you along with your installation process, and we will be there to help however we can.


Types of Fences for Installation in Tampa FL 

Elite Fence and Outdoor installs all types of fence in the Tampa area.  Check out this list for all of the major types of fencing we work with for both Residential Fencing and Commercial Fencing in and around many Tampa properties:


  • Vinyl Fences in Tampa FL
    Vinyl fencing, sometimes called white fence, PVC fence or plastic fencing, is another appropriate choice for Tampa FL properties. With more styles and variety including additional colors, vinyl fencing requires very little maintenance, holds its shape and color well and can handle the harsh weather conditions of Tampa FL easily.  Visit Vinyl Fencing on our website for all the details of what we offer.
  • Wood Fences in Tampa FL
    Wood fences are a very popular choice of fencing material used in Tampa, Florida. Its versatility and natural look give it an attractive style and ability to fit many situations. You can find full details on our website at our Wood Fence page to help you make the decision about what design and style you need for your next fence.
  • Chain Link Fences in Tampa FL
    You may think chain link fences are not customizable, but think again! Chain link fences have come a long way with the various options. Check out our Chain Link page on our website to explore the options of standard and PVC coated types and why chain link fencing is very popular for Tampa FL homeowners and business owners.
  • Aluminum Fences in Tampa FL
    Strong and elegant-looking, aluminum fences are often installed for homes or businesses and make the perfect choice for pool fencing. For Tampa homeowners who are thinking about fencing for more decorative purposes, take a look at our Aluminum Fence page to discover all you need to know.

Interested to Work with the Best Tampa, Florida Fence Company?

Our fence experts at Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay are ready and waiting for your call to have the opportunity to show you why we are among Tampa’s highest-rated fence companies.  Call us at 813-817-0392 or Contact Us online anytime for fast, friendly service and advice. We look forward to hearing from you!