You might think now that you’ve chosen the material, design, and location of your new fence, your part of the planning process is over. However, there’s one more thing to think about- fence gates! Gates are an essential element of any new fence and deserve consideration, too.

Elite Fence and Outdoor, one of the top-rated fence companies in Tampa, Florida, has listed some important points to consider when deciding how many gates you need for your new fence.

Types of Fence Gates by Elite Fence and Outdoor

Elite Fence and Outdoor, a top-rated fence company in Tampa, Florida, offers a variety of material and style options for fencing and gates to choose from that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your fence. If you’re looking for an attractive yet durable option, aluminum fences may be the best choice. Vinyl fences are a low-maintenance choice and come in a variety of styles. 


If you want a practical yet affordable fence, chain link fences and gates may be the best fit for you. Wood fences are a strong, affordable, and versatile option. Visit the photo gallery on our website to see the various options we have to offer. Our gates can be manufactured in any of our styles and grades, and we even offer some specialty gates like v-track, slide, and cantilever gates. No matter which type of fence gate you choose, we have one that will work with your project. Here are some typical gate options you will need to consider for a new fence installation.


  • Single/Standard Gates: This single-door gate is usually the same height as the rest of the fence and has one swinging door. It can feature a number of design elements, from latticework to arched tops, and is available in different widths. This gate should be reinforced to keep it from sagging and warping, and the latch system should be strategically placed. 


  • Double Gates: While many people opt for a single standard gate, they often like to have an additional double gate to allow easy entry for larger items, such as lawn maintenance equipment or recreational vehicles. 


  • Pool Gates: Although gates and fences can be decorative or simply functional, they can also provide security to keep your family safe. When considering a gate for your pool area, keep in mind that many municipalities already have regulations in place, and the experts at Elite Fence and outdoor will ensure that your pool gate will meet those requirements.

Entry Points for Residential Properties

If you’re planning a Tampa Bay fencing project, consider the different entry points you might need for automobiles, lawn care, recreational vehicles, or leisure activities. For example, if you have many drivers frequently entering or exiting the driveway, you’ll want a double gate that can easily accommodate the needs of the drivers in your family. 


A double gate may also be helpful if you have large recreational vehicles like boats, trailers, or RVs that you would like to park on your property. Perhaps you want to be able to access walking or bike trails from your backyard – then a single gate may be your best bet.


If you have maintenance workers that will need to access your lawn with a wide lawnmower, you may want to consider a wide, single gate. It’s important that you think about your everyday needs and consider your requirements for the future as well. 

Think about Property Size and Fence Location 

Do you own a small plot of land? You may only need one standard walk-through gate. Is your backyard quite large? Consider installing two gates so that you can access your yard from various points on your property. 


Is your fence a physical barrier between you and your neighbor? Or does it run across the back of your property? You may not think you need an additional gate. However, if the kids throw a ball over the back of the fence, having that extra access point could make retrieving it much easier. 


Whether you are installing a traditional vinyl fence, an elegant aluminum fence, a classic wood fence or a practical chain link fence, a properly installed fence gate will allow you to access your space quickly and easily. 

Elite Fence is Here to Help You With Your Tampa, FL Residential Fence and Gate Needs

Gate designs differ almost as much as fence designs, and the fence experts at Elite Fence are knowledgeable in all elements of fence design and construction, including gates! Give one of the top-rated fence companies in Tampa, Florida a call at 813 817-0392 or contact us online and let us help you plan your next fencing project!