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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall... no matter the season, the fence experts at Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay are here to build you the fence of your dreams! We are a local company that knows what it's like in Zephyrhills, Florida and why including a fence in your property layout is so important.

When you're looking for a pool fence for your summer parties, a fence in Fall to give you privacy on those beautiful days outdoors, or a fence during the Spring months to be the perfect background to your landscaping, our professional team is ready to help you design the perfect fence. Even in winter, you can get ahead of the game with a new fence before the warmer months hit. No matter what, we're here to help!

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How is Your Fence Being Used?

Homeowners and business owners in Zephyrhills have turned to Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay for amazing fence solutions at a great price for years.

For both residential and commercial fence needs, we have a solution that will fit your budget and last for many years to come.

Zephyrhills Florida residential fencing contractor

Residential Fences in Zephyrhills, Florida

Our residential fences in Zephyrhills are attractive and sturdy, and they comply with all local and regional building laws as well as HOA fence standards. We stand behind our workmanship and installations! We guarantee our work and our manufacturers provide warranties on many of our fences giving you peace of mind you are getting a fence that is long-lasting and high quality.

Zephyrhills Florida commercial fencing contractor

Commercial Fences in Zephyrhills, Florida

Commercial fences in Zephyrhills are a wonderful way to improve safety and appearance at the same time. Our products come with an excellent warranty and comply with all local standards so you can be sure your fence will stand strong and look great for years to come.

Ask a Fence Expert

Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay fence technicians are full of the answers and information you need to design your Zephyrhills fence project. Reach out today and get your questions answered!

Fence Options for Florida Properties

Fencing for your residential or commercial property may be selected from four of our most popular types in FL. You can get the privacy, security, and beauty you want with one of our styles of Aluminum Fence, Vinyl Fence, Chain Link Fence, and Wood Fence.

aluminum fence Zephyrhills Florida

Zephyrhills, Florida
Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for property owners in Zephyrhills, Florida. It looks great, lasts a long time, and comes with a warranty for life, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting a high-quality fence you can count on for many years.

Zephyrhills Aluminum Fences
vinyl fence Zephyrhills Florida

Zephyrhills, Florida
Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is a great option for property owners in Zephyrhills, Florida who want a low-maintenance fence that will last for a long time. You can customize a vinyl fence with a lot of different options and add-ons to make it the perfect fit for your space.

Zephyrhills Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Zephyrhills Florida

Zephyrhills, Florida
Chain Link Fences

In Zephyrhills, a chain link fence is a great choice for many different situations. Chain link fences have been popular in FL for decades because they are affordable and last a long time.

Zephyrhills Chain Link Fences
wood fence Zephyrhills Florida

Zephyrhills, Florida
Wood Fences

You could put up a beautiful wood fence for people who live in FL. When you choose a wood fence for your property, you get many benefits, such as privacy and safety.

Zephyrhills Wood Fences

Zephyrhills, Florida Privacy Fence Options

For the greatest assortment of privacy fences, FL Florida locals and business owners know they can count on us.

Zephyrhills Florida wood privacy fencing

Zephyrhills, Florida
Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences can be put up on many different sites. Depending on the type of fence you choose, wood can make your yard look either classic or modern. You can make your wood privacy fence fit your style by choosing the height, style, and color, too.

Zephyrhills Florida vinyl privacy fencing

Zephyrhills, Florida
Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fences are great for privacy fencing because they protect your privacy just as well as wood fences. Vinyl fence is made of a durable, flexible material that lasts a long time and needs little upkeep. When it comes to privacy, vinyl can be made in open or semi-private patterns, depending on your needs and preferences.


The Zephyrhills Fence Authority: Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay

5-Star Reputation for Quality Fencing in the Zephyrhills Community and Beyond

Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay has been providing residential and commercial fencing and installation services to the Zephyrhills, Florida area since 2017. When you choose to work with us, you will be pleased with the level of service you'll receive and the attention to detail we give.

Our locally owned company prioritizes the best industry training for every one of our team members, with high quality fence products and outstanding customer service. Not only do we get the job done right, but we make sure your needs are satisfied. How can you know we care? From the moment you speak to one of our professionals to the completion of your fence project, we will be right there with you. Not only that, but we offer a 2 year workmanship warranty on every job we do so that you know we stand behind our word with great communication at every turn. Check out our products, read some of our customer reviews and reach out today to get on your way to your next great fence!

Buying a Fence in Zephyrhills, Florida

Our Easy Process

In order to get a fence installed by Elite Fence and Outdoor in the Zephyrhills area, follow these easy steps for success! As you shop our wide selection of fence types and styles, work with our team to make your process a great experience.

Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property
Measure the Property

Plan out the space for your property that will be enclosed by your new fence. The size and shape of your area will determine the amount of materials needed and help calculate the overall cost.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style
Choose a Style

Decide on the exact style of the fence material you prefer. From wood fences, chain link fences, aluminum fences, and vinyl fences, there are many great styles to choose from based on your needs and preferences.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation
Delivery & Installation

Once we have the order for your exact type of fence, style, and the size of the property, we can choose a date with you for installation and delivery!

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Zephyrhills Fence FAQs

When you have fence questions, we have the answers you need in Zephyrhills! Read through some of the most popular questions we hear from property owners like you in the Zephyrhills, Florida region.

Getting a fence installed in Zephyrhills is always a good idea! There are periods of the year when our installation schedule is busier than usual, but our fence crew will do all it takes to provide the fence you need as soon as possible. Get in touch with us right away to find out when we have openings on our calendar!

Yes! Reach out to our office via phone to talk with a helpful fence specialist about getting a free, personalized estimate or simply contact us online to quickly and easily plan out and compare different fence options and get a price for your specific needs.

Our company serves many neighboring areas to Zephyrhills and the surrounding region. We are proud to serve our local and neighboring communities so give us a call today for the best service and installation in the area!

We install fences of all kinds in the Zephyrhills area to meet a wide range of needs and priorities. It's hard to say that there's any one type of fence that's most popular because it completely depends on what each property owner needs, whether it's high security, privacy, or a decorative accent to match their space. For those looking for privacy, vinyl and wood fences are the most popular options. If looking for low maintenance, often aluminum or vinyl fences are chosen. The most important thing is getting the fence that fits your own unique design preferences and fencing needs. Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution!

Absolutely! We often help property owners in Zephyrhills choose the best fence for their needs. Once you've looked at what we have to offer on our website, give us a call and we'll get you going.

Yes! We are fully licensed and insured to work all across Florida. We carry insurance to protect our team and our customers and we take pride in the professionalism of our entire company.

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