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Protect your home or business investments with a stylish fence built for safety.

There are so many reasons why security is important at your property and we understand how critical it can be. Not only that, but many people would like their fence to be strong without sacrificing an attractive look. You can accomplish these features and more with a fence from Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay.

Our trained fence experts can walk you through the process of picking out the perfect fence for your space. Get the support you need from a Dade City, Florida fence company you can trust! Give us a call to see what it's like to work with a friendly, professional fencing company in your area.

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Our team of fence experts are ready to help you find the perfect fence design and plan in the Dade City area. Reach out with your questions and get the information you need right away.

What is Your Fence's Purpose?

We offer the perfect fence for your Dade City, Florida property's needs!

Dade City Florida residential fencing company

Dade City, Florida
Residential Fences

We are a leading provider of high-quality residential fences in the Dade City, Florida area, and we have a large selection to choose from. Your search for an attractive, safe, and secure home fence ends here with one of our beautiful options.

Residential Fencing
Dade City Florida commercial fencing company

Dade City, Florida
Commercial Fences

As one of the most reputable commercial fence companies in town, Florida, we've built a solid reputation. Commercial fences from Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay in Dade City, Florida are among the best solutions for high-level protection, privacy, and enhanced look in Dade City and the surrounding area.

Commercial Fencing

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Whatever your fencing needs are in the Dade City region, our friendly, knowledgeable staff would love to create a free estimate for you, no obligation or risk. We're here to help!

Dade City Types of Fencing Options

When deciding which type of fencing is best for your Dade City, Florida property, it's important to know the main benefits of each one. Check out these four main types of fences that we install all over the area, both for homes and businesses.

aluminum fence Dade City Florida

Dade City, Florida
Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing gives you the perfect combination of visibility and strength. It's a great solution for pool fencing and looks beautiful in any scenario. Dade City aluminum fencing is most commonly chosen for being low maintenance and for its longevity, elegance and strength

Aluminum Fences
vinyl fence Dade City Florida

Dade City, Florida
Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence's upfront cost is well worth the durability and low maintenance you'll have with this type of fence. Vinyl fencing is another style you will see at many properties in the Dade City area. They are cost-effective, low maintenance, stylish and strong

Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Dade City Florida

Dade City, Florida
Chain Link Fences

When looking for an affordable, strong fence, chain link fence can be the solution! For chain link fencing in Dade City, check out the dependable options within the style for its cost effectiveness, strength, security and practicality.

Chain Link Fences
wood fence Dade City Florida

Dade City, Florida
Wood Fences

You can style your wood fence nearly any way you like and paint or stain it to match your space perfectly! Wood fences are a popular type of fence in Dade City. Some of their best benefits are their natural beauty, strength, versatility and affordability.

Wood Fences

Best Types of Wood Fences in Dade City and the Tri-State Area

Wood fences are a popular choice for residences around the Dade City, Florida region because of their natural look and ability to be customized into almost any design. Dade City residents have a broad variety of fence styles to choose from, and we've gathered a list of the most preferred.

Dade City FL Shadowbox style wood fence

Wood Fences in Shadowbox Design

In Dade City, Florida, this kind of wood fencing is attractive from both the inside and the outside, and it comes in both horizontal and vertical styles. Both the horizontal and vertical installation options include boards that alternate on each side of the fence. It's perfect for neighbors who are splitting the cost of the fence since both sides have the same attractive design.

Dade City FL board on board style wood fence

Wood Fences in Board on Board Style

For pickets that are placed tightly together, with no gaps, choose a board on board style wood fence. You can even complete the design of your wood privacy fence by giving it a "cap and trim" style. This accents the edges and gives it a more finished appearance while protecting the edges of your new fence.

Dade City FL privacy style wood fence

Privacy Style Wood Fences

Traditional wood fencing in Dade City, Florida is available in a number of forms, including board-on-board and privacy stockade. You may choose between a dog-ear, flat top, scalloped, or wave for the fence's top, based on your own preferences. Also, the boards may be adjusted in height from 4 feet, all the way up to 8 feet tall.

Dade City FL rail style wood fence

Rail Style Wood Fences

Our Split Rail and Post and Rail fence options work wonderfully for decoration or practicality in Dade City. A split rail fence is a functional, rustic-style fence that is popular for rural properties, farms, and ranches. Split rail fences are commonly used to demarcate a residential property line from the road and are mostly used for decorative purposes. Post and Rail fences have long, smooth-cut rectangular timber rails suspended between large posts that have two, three, or four horizontal rails to keep livestock from roaming and are generally considered functional rather than decorative.


Professional Fence Installation

We are the home of the best rated fence installation team in the Dade City region. Our installers are ready to help!

Dade City Florida Professional fence installation in Dade City Florida

Fence Installation from the Pros in Dade City, Florida

Serving the Dade City area since 2017, Elite Fence and Outdoor has installed thousands of fences of all kinds for both residential and commercial properties. Our installers work hard to make sure we are using the most up to date methods that follow the most respected industry standards around. When our team is on the job, you'll know that your fence is properly installed to last a lifetime!

Your Top Rated Dade City Fence Company

When you need residential fencing or commercial fencing in the Dade City area, Elite Fence and Outdoor of Tampa Bay is the solution for you!

We are a locally owned and operated fence company established in 2017 and providing high quality fence and outdoor services to enhance properties all across the Dade City, Florida region. As certified members of the American Fence Association, you can know that you're working with a company that takes the time to learn the best practices for fencing and train our people in industry leading techniques.

Because we know that your fence is an investment that matters to you, it matters to us, too! We have earned a great reputation with over 100 5-star Google reviews and many referrals from our satisfied customers. When you want to be sure you're working with a company that takes pride in their work, check out the warranties. We have a 2 year workmanship warranty on every installation as well as manufacturer warranties on many fence materials we install.

Come to the best fence company around and get our fence pros on the job, because you deserve the very best!

3 Steps to Buying the Best Fence in Dade City

Follow our simple, three-step process to getting the fence of your dreams at your Dade City, Florida home or business property. We are ready to help you as soon as you call! Check out all of the options we have to offer, and then let's get started together building your perfect fence!

Buying a Dade City fence - Step 1

Our Fence Selections

Browse each available style and type of fence available from our photo gallery and consider what your needs are in making your personal fence purchase in Dade City. Every type of fence we provide is made with high quality materials and comes in styles that are sure to work great no matter if your goals are security, privacy, or appearance.

Arrange for an at-home consultation, or get the information you need over the phone at your convenience. Our job is to make your fence buying experience a breeze!

Buying a Dade City fence - Step 2

The Right Fence for You

Our team is experienced to help you make your final decision on the perfect fence for your space. With all of the options of sizes, grades, and colors, ask our experts which fence is the perfect fit for your home or business. We will gladly help you consider your budget and your priorities in making the best choice possible.

Buying a Dade City fence - Step 3

Schedule our Professional Installation

The final step is scheduling the day to have your fence professionally installed by our experienced team of technicians. We will work around your calendar to choose the best day as soon as possible. Our team works efficiently and professionally to have your fence up in no time! It's never been easier to get a new fence than with the team at Elite Fence and Outdoor!

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Fence FAQs

We want to answer your fence-related questions in the Dade City, Florida area. Start here with some of the most often-asked questions we get from residents and business owners in your area.

We're proud of the work we do, and every installation we do in Dade City and the surrounding area comes with a 2-year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind. On top of that, many of the fences we install come with manufacturer warranties. Our team is happy to provide the details of the fences you are interested in. Just give us a call or send us a message and we'll help you find out the information you need.

Yes! Reach out to our office via phone to talk with a helpful fence specialist about getting a free, personalized estimate, or simply contact us online to quickly and easily plan out and compare different fence options and get a price for your specific needs.

Our office and shop are located right in Dade City, Florida. We work in many of the neighboring towns installing residential and commercial fences all across the region. Reach out to our team today with any questions about your fence project needs.

We install fences of all kinds in the Dade City area to meet a wide range of needs and priorities. It's hard to say that there's any one type of fence that's most popular because it completely depends on what each property owner needs, whether it's high security, privacy, or a decorative accent to match their space. For those looking for privacy, vinyl and wood fences are the most popular options. If looking for low maintenance, often aluminum or vinyl fences are chosen. The most important thing is getting the fence that fits your own unique design preferences and fencing needs. Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution!

Absolutely! We often help property owners in Dade City choose the best fence for their needs. Once you've looked at what we have to offer on our website, give us a call and we'll get you going!

Yes! We are fully licensed and insured to work all across Florida. We carry insurance to protect our team and our customers and we take pride in the professionalism of our entire company.

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If you're curious what kinds of fences we've installed in your area, take a look!

We have many fences installed for homeowners and business owners all across the Dade City region and nearby. Look at our photo gallery for some examples. If there's something specific you're looking for, reach out and we can send you more ideas of options for you.

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